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Life's U-Turns

In this live recording of The Wayside Podcast, Ryan and Wesley discuss God's faithfulness through difficult periods of their lives.


The Gospel of John

Wesley looks at some of the great themes of John's Gospel, and explains why everyone should read it. 


Theology of the Body

In this session Wesley explores the biblical and theological ideas of the human body, and the ultimate promise of the bodily resurrection of the dead. 


Violence in the Bible

This lesson looks at some different ways to interpret violent scenes found in the Bible. Much of this talk is based on the work of Dr. Tremper Longman.



This video explores the short Epistle to Philemon, and delves into slavery during the first century.


Jonah 1

This video is a part of St. Martin's "Just for...Small Groups." This is the first of four that go through the Book of Jonah. 

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